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The library has a rich collection of printed periodicals. In addition, 113 historical periodicals and newspapers in microfiche format have been purchased In the course of the years. Among these we find national newspapers as well as regional newspapers and periodicals. The oldest newspaper, Gazeta de Amsterdam, dates from 1674, and it is the first Jewish newspaper published ever. The history of the Jews of Amsterdam is mentioned in this newspaper.

A list of these microfiche periodicals can be found here.

Because special equipment is necessary to read microfiches, these periodicals can only be read in the library. As a result they are hardly ever used and only a few readers and researchers consult these interesting historical sources. The library has future plans to digitize these periodicals and publish them on the internet for the interested public, so that it will be possible to read the complete contents of all issues on your computer. However, this is a large and costly project and we hope to be able to execute it in the course of the coming years in cooperation with other organizations.